Sliding Social Follow Us Widget with Counters for Blogger/Wordpress

Friday, January 4, 2013 30 Comments

Sliding Follow Us Widget
We have shared a couple of follow us widget previously which most of you loved a lot. But now as time goes we get bored of watching the same thing again and again. So today once again we are coming up with yet another slick follow us widget made in pure CSS. This widget has manual counters with a smooth slide-in-out effect. The widget comes with the most used social networking sites along with an RSS button. The widget won't need any customization. The only thing you may need to change would be the box shadow color which is pretty easy. The widget will perfectly fit in a sidebar increasing your fans, followers and readers. Similar to our Sexy Expand on Hover widget, this widget also tempts the reader to click on the button due to the smooth sliding effect possible with CSS3 transitions. So, let's make your blog look fresh.

Get Rid of Username & Password Popup Error in Blogger

Wednesday, November 28, 2012 7 Comments

login error blogger
From past couple of days most Blogger based blogs started to face a weird login error when they visit the blog. The error mentions a message 'Google Code Subversion Repository' and asks the reader for a username and password. You may not notice this error if you are logged in your Blogger account. Most of the readers get afraid when some blog suddenly asks for username and password because it is considered as phishing stuff and this will definitely harm your readership. But don't worry; it is nothing like that in this case. It is just due to some third party widgets which are no longer available. If you try to remove that widget from the layout tab you might still get an error and won't be able to remove it. So how do you get rid of this problem completely? It is very easy but be aware that you will no longer be able to use that widget. So let us get rid of this weird error completely.

Pure CSS Classy Zoom-In Social Follow Us Widget

Sunday, November 11, 2012 20 Comments

zoom follow-us widget
We are back after a long time with yet another classy social follow us widget. Previously we shared Sexy Expand on Hover Social Buttons which got a lot of appraisal and we thank you for that support. This new zoom-in widget contains the widely used social networking buttons like Facebook, Twitter, etc. The widget smoothly gets zoomed-in when the reader hovers on it and when they hover consecutively on the buttons; it feels they are dancing; kinda bouncing. The smooth effect no doubt comes with the help of CSS3 transitions which we have used in almost all of our widgets. The widget is in pure CSS with no images at all, making the widget load time lightning fast. The widget is fully customizable, you can add more buttons, change colors, etc. with ease. We will be adding this widget right after the post and it will not be visible on the home page. Have a look at the demo and get on with the tutorial to add it.

Facts Indicating the Dark Future of FeedBurner - Bloggers Concerned

Saturday, October 6, 2012 3 Comments

Feedburner RIP
As you may know that AdSense for feeds is officially going to shut down completely on December 3rd, 2012, the main thing concerning the Bloggers now is that will FeedBurner survive any longer or will it be ripped as well. If that happens anywhere in the near future, it will have a huge impact on the Bloggers, especially those who are popular enough, having a huge subscriber list. Not only FeedBurner, Google is also gonna clean up some other services and features like Places Directory and +1 reports in Google Webmaster Tools. That spring cleaning doesn't really affect the Bloggers. What's more concerning is will FeedBurner really shutdown in the near future? The answer is may be or maybe not. Google has been slowly discontinuing services related to FeedBurner from the past 15-16 months. More 90% of the Bloggers use FeedBurner to serve their readers. FeedBurner is the very first name that comes in the mind when asked for an absolutely free email subscription service. But it seems that this is gonna change soon enough. While everyone is discussing about the future, we present you some facts which clearly indicate that the future of FeedBurner is not so bright.

Pure CSS3 Accordion Style Featured Post Slider - No JS, No jQuery

Monday, October 1, 2012 32 Comments

CSS3 Accordion Slider

Featured posts widget is a great way to promote your best posts on your blog. You probably would be having some kind of featured post widget already installed on your blog but many of them; in fact 98% of those featured post widgets would be using some kinda JavaScript or jQuery for the sliding effects and animations. Thankfully, with the introduction of CSS3 we can get all those effects without using any kind of JavaScript or jQuery which means faster loading time for your blog. Today we are presenting an accordion style featured post slider which is made in pure CSS. The slider has a smooth sliding effect when hovered which is achieved with the help of CSS3 transitions. The concept of the effect is somewhat similar to our recently shared expand on hover social widget. In this slider the image gets expanded smoothly to a certain width when hovered. Have a look at the demo to get a clear idea of this amazing widget.

Releasing LeNeLe Blogger Template - Learn Newbie Learn

Thursday, September 27, 2012 87 Comments

LeNeLe Blogger Template
The time has finally come when we release our first ever Blogger template, LeNeLe. Did you just tried to pronounce that and had a slip of tongue? May be or maybe not. The name 'LeNeLe' comes from the phrase 'Learn Newbie Learn' and this blog is surely dedicated for newbies along with advanced geeky stuff. This template has been made with the aim of helping the newbies to learn the Blogger template structure in easy manner. The template is very simple, neat and clean with bright colors having a fixed width. Basic SEO has also been done in this template. Visually it is just a normal basic layout but the magic is inside the Blogger template code which has been presented in a very neat manner which normally you won't find in any other Blogger template. Each bunch of code is followed with a short explanation about what this piece of code do which will make the newbies to learn and play with the template easily. Have a look at the demo.

Pure CSS3 Smooth & Sexy Expand on Hover Social Buttons for Blogger/WordPress

Wednesday, September 19, 2012 43 Comments

Social Buttons
Almost every blog or website has some kind of social follow us buttons. Such buttons great for getting your readers involved in your social networks and obviously it will increase your social reputation and brand name. But that is only possible if the reader clicks on the button and follow your blog on social networks. Obviously the reader will follow only if he/she finds your blog useful; hence, we cannot control that with any widget. But we can at least make the reader to click on the button by increasing the sexiness of the buttons. The social buttons widget we are going to share today will do the same to a certain extent. There is no JavaScript or jQuery involved in this widget. It's pure CSS. The widget looks neat and clean in your sidebar or anywhere else with a smooth sexy expand on hover effect which will tempt the reader to click the button at least once. The effect once again comes with help of our favorite CSS3 transitions. Make sure that we are not going to force the readers to click on the buttons. We are just trying to increase of the chances of clicking by giving some cool effects to the buttons. Have a look at the demo and if you find it amazing or just want to give it a try, then get on with the tutorial to add it on your blog.